Review of Eufy RoboVac 11 Robot Vacuum

Everyone hates cleaning, but unfortunately, it’s something you can’t avoid doing! This is why Eufy RoboVac 11 is something homeowners find quite exciting.

It’s an automatic vacuum cleaner that is unlike its competitors, in fact, it is available for a fraction of the cost of most other products on the market, making it the perfect ‘beginner’s choice’. It’s very easy to use as its low price means that there are not too many complicated features that you may find difficult to understand and use.

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The Eufy RoboVac 11 has a slim profile, making it capable of reaching and cleaning under your furniture. Its power button is conveniently located on the top, and the vacuum cleaner can be started using your foot if needed! It has a reasonably large bin which goes on collecting all the dust and debris while vacuuming.

Though the robotic vacuum cleaner does not follow any particular path while cleaning, it does leave your home neat and tidy when it’s done. By the way, when a vacuum cleaner is low on battery, the robot automatically heads and docks in its charging base in such situations.

Though the Eufy RoboVac 11 does not function with an app, its remote control does make its usage so much more convenient as you can switch the robot vacuum on and off using it and schedule your desired cleaning routine.

Different Cleaning Modes

Eufy RoboVac 11 offers 4 cleaning modes to choose from- Auto, Spot, Edge, and Small Room where its cleaning path changes to adapt to the room or mess. Its Edge Mode has it moving by the walls and using brushes to sweep dust from edges that traditional units cannot reach. It is even smart enough to climb over low-pile carpets, and uneven flooring, and avoid falling off ledges.


The RoboVac 11 looks like a typical automatic vacuum sweeper. It is round in shape about 13 inches in diameter, 4 inches tall, and weighs about 3 and a half pounds.

It’s average in size but does have bumper surrounding that protects it from damage when it runs into objects. It also has an anti-scratch tempered glass cover for added protection.

There’s a power button on top of the unit which glows blue while charging and working and turns red when the battery is low or when some object is sucked in or stuck inside the unit.

There are three wheels on the bottom, the front wheel is the directional one. The dirt bin holds a decent amount of trash and dust, and it’s located toward the back of the unit. You can find two brushes at the front of the vacuum. There is also a washable filter.

The RoboVac is lightweight at 6.7 pounds, and it has an additional dock that wirelessly connects to the vacuum through connectors located at its front bottom. The automatic vacuum cleaner heads back to the dock on its own to charge it when its battery is low.


The Eufy RoboVac 11 does not follow any pattern to clean a room or your home but it does manage to get everywhere. Its infrared sensor on the front works pretty well at indicating when it gets close to obstructions while its drop-sensing technology helps it avoid falls.

However, occasionally it may miss some spots. When the robotic vacuum reaches something it wants to avoid, it starts turning till its infrared sensor doesn’t pick up any obstacles.


The Eufy Robovac 11 has a cool feature where it can be scheduled to automatically clean your home at specific times and days. It is so quiet that you can even schedule it to clean up when you sleep at night so that you get up to a spic and span apartment!

Its 3-point cleaning system consists of a combination of counter-rotating side brushes and a rolling brush with powerful vacuuming power of 1000 Pa that sucks up all dust, crumbs, and grime. It works so well that you don’t need to use a traditional vacuum!

The RoboVac 11 is easy to use; you just press its power button or use the remote control. It then emits a tone indicating it’s switched on and starts cleaning till its battery runs low or you switch it off. You can use the remote control to make it automatically head to its base.

The automatic carpet sweeper not only cleans carpets but also effectively cleans hardwood or tile floors of kitchens and bathrooms.

Remote Control

While the Eufy RoboVac 11 doesn’t have an app it does have a remote that is powered by two AAA batteries. It has a small LCD screen displaying the time and if the vacuum is charging or if there is a schedule it should be following.

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Its buttons are easy to use and understand as they are self-explanatory. There’s one to tell it to head to the dock, another for auto cleaning, and a D-Pad for controlling where it goes. It’s possible to set its cleaning schedule through the remote or cancel it if needed.

It is important that you point the remote at Eufy while using it as it does not operate on radio frequencies but on infrared. So if you realize that the Eufy does not seem to be working as it should, it’s most probably because the command hadn’t reached it in the first place as you hadn’t pointed the remote at Eufy!

Maintenance and Battery

There’s not much maintenance needed for the RoboVac 11. You just have to empty its dustbin periodically and ensure its filter is clean. Its brushes are easily popped off and replaced with the extra ones included in its box.

The unit has a high-capacity Li-ion battery that lasts close to two hours of automatic cleaning. it’s advisable to keep the RoboVac 11 on the charger when not in use so that it’s charged and ready for constant and powerful suction the next time you need it, especially for cleaning emergency spills.

However, it’s essential that the docking station is placed in an open space where there are no obstructions to the docking path. According to its manual, it should preferably be placed someplace with about 3 ft. space on the right and left sides, and about 6 ft. space in front if the base is against a wall.

Pros of Eufy RoboVac 11

  • The strong suction power of 1000 Pa picks up debris, dirt, and crumbs even from carpets
  • Much quieter than most of its counterparts
  • It easily traverses over area carpets
  • Anti-scratch tempered glass cover protection
  • Its infra-red sensor helps evade obstacles while at work
  • The drop-sensing technology helps the robotic vac avoid falls.
  • Automatically heads to the charging base when low on battery
  • Includes remote control, charging base, 4 side brushes, HEPA-style filter, AC power adapter, welcome guide, cleaning tool and a one-year warranty
  • Battery can run for 1.5 hours before recharging
  • Pretty large holding bin
  • Filter is easy to clean compared to other vacuum cleaners.
  • Easy to use and start by pressing its big power button on top
  • Its low profile lets it easily and conveniently clean under low-standing furniture
  • Is easily disassembled for cleaning

Cons of Eufy RoboVac 11

  • Tends to get stuck in tight spaces
  • It finds it difficult to exit from under chairs
  • Not smart enough to not enter tight places it cannot exit as there’s no restricting virtual wall
  • Emits an beeping noise when stuck
  • May stop in the middle of the room as its sensors get easily covered by hair
  • No intelligent cleaning pattern which is why it randomly moves around the room
  • Does not clean wall edges well
  • Takes time to go back to its charging base for recharging


If you are on a budget but want to buy an automatic vacuum cleaner, the Eufy RoboVac 11 may just fit your bit as other robot vacuums in the market are rather expensive. This is the main advantage of the RoboVac 11, its price, and its features are not too bad either.

Though it’s about half the price of other models, it does the same job as them, devoid of extra luxury features which make the other automatic vacuums a bit more fun to use. As the Eufy RoboVac 11 is easy to use, it’s the perfect model to start treating your home to a bit of automatic cleaning!

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