Review of Samsung VR9000 POWERbot Robot Vacuum

The Samsung VR9000 Powerbot is one of the more powerful robot vacuums in the market today. It in fact is 60 times more powerful than an average cleaner, all thanks to its shiny CycloneForce suction system.

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This system generates strong centrifugal forces which reduce the chances of clogging by separating dirt and debris in its outer chamber. It is this system which helps the device maintain its optimal suction power at all times.

The Samsung VR9000 Powerbot is known for easily rolling over most vacuuming obstacles and not just bumping into them. This is due to its Easy Pass wheels which also provide for an easy transition from carpets to hard floors and thus quicker cleaning with faster coverage and minimal disruptions.

Samsung VR9000 Powerbot Review

Design and Looks

Samsung VR9000 automatic carpet cleaner does not feel awkward about showing off its hardware. It’s proven by the fact that you can clearly see its shiny ‘CycloneForce’ suction system in the unit.

This system comprises a copper-colored turbine near its translucent centrifugal bin which is the unit’s centerpiece. It not only shows that Samsung wants you to know what’s going on in the robot vac but also offers the practical benefit of your being able to see when the bin is full and needs emptying, or if it’s clogged.

Visionary Mapping Plus System (with Full-View Sensor)

The robotic carpet sweeper has a visionary mapping plus system comprising of a digital camera and ten individual smart sensors. They together ascertain the best cleaning path the robot should traverse by laying out a map of your home with furniture, walls and stairways. The robot thus avoids obstacles instead of running into them while at work.

Point Cleaning Mode with Easy Pass Wheels

This mode is obviously used for spot cleaning. You just have to use the remote control’s unique targeting mode to point its light beam at the stubborn spot.  The Samsung VR9000 Powerbot then follows the laser, cleaning it as it goes.

The robotic vacuum cleaner is known for its easy pass large wheels which easily and smoothly roll over obstacles. It also easily transitions from carpet to all hard floor types to maximize coverage by ensuring thorough cleaning of your home while you are away attending to more important work.

Pre-Program Your Cleaning Routine

You just have to schedule the required cleaning program for your Samsung VR9000 Powerbot and it handles all your work so that your floors are sparkling clean when you return home. Its smart technology provides optimal cleaning with its Cycloneforce design which provides consistent power with minimal clogging.

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This is because the system separates dust so as to keep the filter clear while at work. It automatically docks and recharges itself when its battery goes low and returns to complete the chore once the battery is charged.

Powerful Robotic Suction with a Combo Brush

This robot vacuum offers 20 times more suction power when compared to other robots. It also uses a combo brush to pick up pet hair with minimal tangles. The 12-inch brush not only ensures corner-to-corner coverage but also gives carpets a deep cleaning.

Samsung VR9000 Pros

  • Looks great and its design proves that the device means business
  • Not that noisy when compared to other automatic cleaners
  • Moves really fast to complete your chores in a shorter time
  • While it consistently heads to the base for recharging, it does by following walls to spot the base instead of mapping the house
  • Its brush does not accumulate much hair so needs minimum maintenance.
  • Unique remote targeting mode where the vacuum follows the laser-like target you aim at the floor
  • Its bin can collect dust for 3-4 days before it has to be emptied, unlike some robot bins which have to be emptied every day

Samsung VR9000 Cons

  • Does not detect black furniture well
  • It doesn’t drive into thick area rugs but instead attacks the rug a few times from different angles
  • Does not have any sensors or means of protecting areas that it should not traverse
  • Very poor at mapping its path
  • Poor job b at cleaning floors
  • The charged battery does not last long, only for about an hour

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