Best Robotic Pool Cleaners (Reviews and Buyer’s Guide)

If you are planning to buy the best robotic pool cleaner, you must check out the top 10 automatic pool cleaners discussed below along with a comprehensive buyer’s guide.

We all know that keeping your pool spotlessly clean becomes easy when you have a good pool cleaner. When it comes to pool vacuums, automatic cleaners can be so much more convenient to use than manual cleaners. Automatic cleaners can drastically reduce the time required to clean the whole pool.

Even if you have a large pool, such cleaners can instantly complete the chore. Are there trees above the pool? Then autumn might perhaps be your least favorite time of the year for pool cleaning.

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During such times, you would be able to appreciate the endless benefits of owning the best robotic pool cleaner. Programmable features and low-maintenance configurations are all easy to come by.

10 Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews & Comparisons 2020

Here are some of the best choices available in the market for those who are looking for a pool cleaner for their home:

1. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Pool Cleaner Review

When you need something that powerful and convenient to use, then this can be an excellent option, to begin with. The lightweight design makes this a convenient one to handle. It also comes with a host of ergonomic features, making it an excellent choice for those using a robot pool vacuum cleaner for the first time.

To handle pools up to 50ft, this device can be an easy pick. It covers the entire pool by beginning with a whole pool scan to identify the optimal pattern of movement. As an inground pool vacuum, this one moves smoothly on the floor of the pool.

To ensure that the cable doesn’t tug or tangle, this one features an anti-tangle swivel cable. It delivers full-fledged cleaning, including the walls, thanks to the scrubbing brushes with their abrasive action. The cartridge collects debris and leaves on the surface. As this is a large-sized cartridge, you do not have to worry about frequent cleaning and tedious maintenance.

Automatic programmable modes allow scheduled cleaningShort power cord might be a downside when you do not have a power outlet close by 
The energy efficiency of the system brings down the operation cost
Cleaning the equipment becomes easy with the removable cartridge design 
Powerful suction reduces the time required to clean even a large-sized pool 

It is powerful and comes loaded with straightforward features. Therefore, for users who are looking for something practical to make a long-term investment, this one is a good choice.

2. Dolphin Nautilus CC Robotic Pool Cleaner

As a slightly more affordable version in the Nautilus range, this one comes with similar CleverClean scanning features to the Nautilus CC Plus. Active scrubbing to remove even stubborn grime and mold growth is one of the strongest traits of this model. Scrub brushes on this one are faster than most others in the segment.

You can confidently use Nautilus CC in pools up to 33ft and watch the gadget work wonders in minutes. As another in-ground cleaner design, this is efficient in its operation. Without using booster pumps, these provide strong suction. There are 3 programmable schedules to set to alter the cleaning frequency. Its user-friendly features make this accessible.

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There is just one button control to know about, and you can start using the cleaner right out of the box, without any tedious setup process. To collect debris, there is a large trap basket on the top. This large filter basket is easy to remove when you have to empty the accumulated debris.

Picks up large leaves without any struggleThe machines struggle a bit to climb walls sometimes
Provides deep cleaning at the crevices and cracks
Lightweight, ergonomic features make it suitable for women with a small build 
Anti-tangle cord design adds to the convenience of use 

If you are ready to spend over $500 for a long-term companion that can help maintain your pool hygienically, then this one is worth considering.

3. Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner with Powerful Dual Scrubbing Brushes

As one of the most expensive models in the segment, this one carries all the features that you would need for regular pool maintenance. Even a sizeable 50ft pool feels easy to clean with this gadget. It is the kind of cleaner that you can simply place in your pool and forget. With its intuitive scheduler, you can decide how frequently you want the machine to clean the pool.

The large-capacity filter extracts even the tiniest speck of dirt on the water. When it is time for you to empty the filter, there is a visible indicator. To deliver scrubbing on the walls, there is a twin brush system with an abrasive finish.

To customize the cleaning results, you can switch the filters. There are bottom-load designs with fine filters, ultra-fine variants, and also a large-sized filter bag. If you are cleaning the pool after a long time, then the kind of dirt that collects in the filter might be challenging to wash. This is when the option to use a disposable filter comes in handy.

Deep cleaning a filthy pool is possible in just 3 hoursWith all the features that this product brings there are no clear instructions provided
Precision cleaning makes it easy to clean waterlines and tile grouts
Besides legible indicators, there is the option to add a remote to your product 
The smart navigation system on the product makes it possible to cover the entire area with ease

Are you looking for something that offers you ample features that handle all types of dirt and debris in a large pool? Then this one comes as a popular recommendation.

4. Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner Review

With its sporty design, the Sport Robotic cleaner comes as a reliable pool vacuum robot. For best-in-class maneuverability, it carries a 4-wheel drive configuration. Navigation of the tool is convenient with ActivMotion Sensor Technology. This is one of the best choices when it comes to precise coverage.

Tricky areas like the gaps under stairs are easy to handle as this cleaner comes with a water propulsion system at the back. There are several cleaning cycles to work with. Whatever the condition of your pool, you can get the intended cleaning functions with this.

On the remote, there is a neat lift feature that allows the machine to float when you have to remove it from the pool. Besides the controls to access the various features, the maintenance of this cleaner is also easy. To complement this, the filter canister comes in a design that is easy to clean.

Aqua-Trax provide accuracy in the tracks that the tool takesSometimes the cleaner tumbles upside down and doesn’t bounce back to its original position
To add to the free movement, there is a 70ft long cable
Motion-sensor integrated remote offers convenient use of the product 
Strong suction power comes from the Vortex Vacuum technology

If you need a low-maintenance cleaner with power-packed performance, then this is one of the best options out there.

5. Aquabot APRVJR Pool Rover Junior Robotic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner

When you need an above-ground cleaner, this product comes into the picture. Its widely set wheels add to the smoothness of maneuverability. These do not snag due to trapped leaves. Filters on this are micron filters that do an excellent job in the suction of fine impurities.

This makes it possible to sanitize the pool deeply to make it safe for kids and the whole family. The cleaner also makes it possible to improve the circulation of water to keep it cleaner for longer. Such features also make it possible to extend the efficiency of this product.

A majority of the functional value of this tool comes from the proprietary hydro-robotic technology. It is something that relies on the force of water to execute the cleaning function. With this, there are few parts and, therefore, a simple and robust construction.

The filter bag is easy to clean and can trap all sizes of debrisSome of the parts on this one are not very durable
Tangle-free cable design secures the floating cable from tugging under the machine
Automatic timer shuts the motor off after 2 hours 
The suction capacity of this efficient cleaner goes up to 70 gallons in a minute

For those pools where you need an exceptional filtration function coming with safe and convenient features, this cleaner comes as a popular recommendation.

6. Hayward RC9990CUB TigerShark Robotic Pool Vacuum Review

QuickClean variant in this series is one of the most popular choices for those looking for an efficient and straightforward auto pool vacuum electric variant.

If you are willing to spend a little extra, you can add a carry cart to this. It can make transporting the cleaner easy. The full 3-hour cycle is useful for those times when you need to clean the walls beside the bottom of the pool. The removable filter design allows easy cleaning of the product.

It works on various pool surfaces materials like vinyl, pebbles, and more. You can also use this on sensitive fiberglass surfaces. Automatic mode on this covers the entire area by following the most efficient trajectory. Scrub brushes take care of the stubborn impurities on the pool surface.

It works without the need for additional pumps and tubesThough there is a handle for ease of carrying, the product is very heavy
The filter is easy to clean, and the grime washes off on spraying water with a hose
The energy-efficient motor helps bring down operation costCable tangles often and can, therefore, affect the performance
There are two speeds of operation to choose from

If fast cleaning of the pool is your requirement, it works well for most of the in-ground pools at homes, up to 40ft.

7. Dolphin Nautilus Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner with Dual Filter Cartridges

For large-scale cleaning of pools up to 50ft, this one comes with dual filter cartridges besides dual scrub brushes. An easy user interface with one-button control makes it convenient to tap into the potential of the product.

Even with all the sophistication that goes under the hood, there are not many complicated functions to worry about. If this is going to be the first-ever robot pool cleaner that you use, this ease of use can be a huge plus.

For maintaining the clarity of water and removing cloudy zones, this one can be handy with its precision filters. Also, the cleaner does a good job when it comes to climbing the various surfaces beneath the water. This helps provide visibly clean walls.

Follows regular patterns for reliable coverageThe filter collection chamber is small, and therefore it needs frequent emptying
CleverClean technology provides a full scan of the pool for a more streamlined movement
Ultrafine cartridge goes at the bottom to deliver clearing of the nearly invisible impuritiesSome of the parts on this, like the ones in the filter installation area, wear off too soon
Swivel cable design prevents tangles

For pools that are wide and deep, a fast cleaner like this can be an efficient investment.

8. Aquabot Breeze IQ Wall-Climbing Automatic In-Ground Robotic Brush Pool Cleaner

If you are ready to handle a heavy cleaner that offers a host of cool features, then the Breeze comes as the right choice. As a convenient-to-use pool maintenance expert, this one can handle even the fine dirt. Therefore, the pool can look clear and clean within a short duration.

The best thing about this machine is probably the efficiency with which it climbs the different surfaces. Therefore, every single zone in the pool can be clean. It also works well when it comes to cleaning waterlines and areas commonly considered inaccessible by some cleaners.

The soft finish of the rubber brushes can be an excellent option for fiberglass pools where you do not want the cleaner to leave streaks on the surface.

There is a convenient button to eject the filters for cleaning themThere is not much of programmability on this one
Energy efficiency makes it a cost-effective option to use
Consistently handles all sizes of leaves and impuritiesMinute pores on the filter can sometimes trap specks of impurities making it challenging to clean

If you need a good cleaner that climbs walls very efficiently and cleans the entire pool consistently, then this is one of the most popular choices to consider.

9. Robotic Pool Cleaner Cobalt NC22

From finer impurities to larger debris, this lightweight performer does an excellent job of cleaning the pool. It maneuvers with ease on the pool floor and makes precise movements and turns. The robot pool cleaner moves and takes a turn when required, instead of waiting to reach up to the walls.

Wheels run smoothly on the pool surface, and they can also turn to accommodate curves. Clean the filter frequently and ensure that you choose the right power outlet based on the rating, and you are good to go.

This is another model that packs simple features and a performance-oriented design. It makes a great portable pool vacuum thanks to its easy weight.

The multifunctional design allows the use of the cleaner both for in-ground and above-ground poolsPropeller clogging takes place at times
Auto shut down feature helps conserve energy and turns the machine off after 2 hours of continuous use
To maintain the weight, there is also a quick drain system to prevent water accumulationCord tangles easily and can eventually affect the free movement
Features a fast cleaning capacity 

Being one of the lightest among the lot, this cleaner is convenient for everyone to handle. It is also a versatile choice for various types of pools and pool cleaning requirements.

10. DOLPHIN Caddy

You might have a great pool vacuum cleaner. Yours might be the best-rated option in the segment. However, most of the time, it is not easy to pick and move the machine as required. This becomes easy with the help of this cleaner caddy. It features a large platform that can hold a variety of robotic pool cleaner options.

There is a large and convenient grip handle. This one doesn’t slip even when your hands are wet. Therefore, you can securely transport your pool vacuum head or its various parts. The smooth wheels allow movement on wet floors near the pool.

No matter how heavy the cleaner is, the efficiency of the wheels and smooth movement makes it difficult to feel the strain. Though this is a slightly pricy accessory to buy, it is worth buying to secure the condition of the cleaner. Even when it is not in use, you know that there is a safe place for the product to rest.

Besides being durable energy, this one is pretty light to move aroundThere is no smart provision to manage the cable
Stability of movement comes from the uniform weight distribution of the design
The stability of movement comes from the uniform weight distribution of the designPlatform size might not be suitable for all sizes and weights

Stylish design on the outside and an efficient feature set, this one is a good caddy that can add value to your pool cleaner.

Buyer’s Guide

Often it is not enough to just read about the best pool vacuum options in the market. You should also know what makes a product suitable to fit the label ‘the best robotic pool cleaner.’

As you can see from our list, several of these might look similar, but not all of the features are identical. To know about pool vacuum, and automatic models here are a few quick things to understand-

What is a Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Conventionally when it comes to cleaning a pool, you skim and extract the leaves. The next step would be to empty the pool and then give the floor and walls a gentle scrub. It might take hours to complete this chore, and it is not going to be easy. If you wish to do this the easy way, then the best automatic pool cleaner is what you need.

The robotic pool cleaner is very much like an ordinary vacuum with the difference that this one works underwater. Therefore, you can expect a fully waterproof design, a strong case that doesn’t allow water to damage the parts inside.

There are several parts in a pool vacuum cleaner, including the wheels for movement and the filter that helps remove finer particles. There are scrubbing brushes in some of the models, and these work on gently eliminating the mold growth on the tiles as they move around.

Some of them come as battery-powered models. These do not carry a cord, and you can simply drop them in the pool for cleaning.

Others need a power outlet nearby to work. Once powered on, you just have to set the right cleaning mode or frequency and drop the cleaner into the pool. It then works by moving in lines to cover the whole pool.

First-ever cleaners for swimming pools were introduced in 1912, and from there, this segment has grown a great deal. These works are based on the mechanism used, which can be of 3 types pressure side, suction side, or electric robotic.

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The need for using the pool’s pump or suction for working makes the first two types of high energy consumption types. The electric robotic ones work independently, and you can power them directly with an electrical outlet. With this, the energy efficiency of these appliances helps you save money in the long run.

How Robotic Pool Cleaners Work

To know how to use a pool vacuum, learning how this work is an excellent place to start. There are 4 wheels or sometimes track designs. Some of them come with a 4-wheel drive motor. This wheel system helps the cleaner move around the surface of the pool, including the floor and the walls.

Once you turn the machine on, it scans the pool and works on a course for cleaning. The suction mechanism pulls in the water from the pool, along with the impurities. The water that comes out passes through the filter, which is mostly of micron size. Therefore, the filter can trap even fine particles from the pool.

This makes it possible to let out clean water. While all this happens on the top, there are scrubbing brushes attached to rotors at the base. These move and rigorously work their way to lifting off any residues or grime on the floor.

When the appliance has reached the edge of the pool, the tracks or the 4-wheel drive motor, help it climb the wall and scrub there too.

Once the cleaning process is complete, you simply take out the bag that collects debris and empty the contents. Then you remove the filters and wash them or give them a quick scrub and place them back.

Benefits of Robotic Pool Cleaners

  • Versatility comes from the ability to clear impurities small and big
  • With the sanitation that they provide the water is cleaner and safer to use
  • Scrubbing the tiles becomes easy when you have a large floor
  • Sensitive surfaces and expensive pool tiles are all easy to handle with these cleaners, and they do not damage the surface or leave scratches on them.
  • With the movement and the continuous cleaning, they offer they also enhance circulation

Suction, Pressure vs. Electric Robotic Cleaners (the real difference)

The electric robotic configuration makes the best pool cleaner when it comes to energy efficiency. However, this is not the only advantage. To know what makes a robotic variant popular, you should also know a little about what conventional suction and pressure cleaners do.

– Suction Cleaner

It is mainly famous for being an affordable option. It makes use of the pool pump’s inherent suction power. It helps filter the water during the outflow and provides cycling of clean water.

– Pressure Cleaner

This is where the pool vacuum hose would connect with the booster pump. Some homeowners construct a pool with a provision for the installation of a pump for the cleaner. If this is not present, you would have to invest in a good booster pump for the pressure cleaner to work. The pump helps increase the pressure of water that flows in. The agitation helps lift off and propel the impurities to the top. These then pass through the filter.

– Robotic Cleaner

Both suction and pressure cleaners take random paths. There is no guarantee that every inch of the pool becomes clean. Also, with suction cleaners, large leaves lead to clogging, and with pressure cleaners, power consumption can be high.

To tackle all these downsides, robotic cleaners simply combine the perks of both the other configurations. Robotic cleaners since the pool layout takes the most efficient path for optimal coverage.

These are also easy to maintain. They provide functional energy conservation, which brings down the operating cost. All of these factors make up for the extra money you spend on the robotic models.

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Features to Look for When You Buy An Automatic Pool Cleaner

These are the standout features that you find on most of the bestselling models. These are also the ones that make it convenient to use the cleaner in the long run.

Tracks vs. Wheels

The presence of tracks makes the appliance adept at climbing. Most of them come with wheels, and these are suitable for the floors. When it comes to cleaning the walls and climbing stairs better, the ones with tracks work dependably.

Waterline Cleaning

Not all of them come with a precise waterline cleaning mechanism. If you need a go-to cleaner that doesn’t miss even a tiny spot, then pick one with this feature.


This is purely a factor of convenience. When you program the frequency and the cleaning cycles, you can simply set and forget. Therefore, you have the assurance that you can walk into a clean pool whenever you want.

Remote Control

Instead of pulling out the cleaner from the pool every time, you can simply change the cleaning modes with a remote control. Some of the models come with a remote-control option to avail at a slightly higher price. If you have a deep and large pool, the presence of a remote-control unit would be a plus.

Cord Length

You need a machine with a good cord length that suits your pool size and the location of the power outlet. The unrestricted movement will ensure the efficiency of cleaning. Having a tangle-free design would be essential with a longer cord, for effective cable management.

Filter Cleaning

Removable filters and filter bags are some of the most commonly found in several pool cleaners. The real deal is about how easy it is to clean the filter. Some of them trap grime and hair and might be challenging to clean. Sometimes, the filter bag or the debris collector is small, and you have to keep emptying it often. You would not want both these downsides. 


The presence of sensors can give a host of benefits. Not all pools are of regular shape. Whether you own an irregularly shaped pool or whether you are looking for precision in coverage, the presence of sensors can be helpful. These help the appliance analyze the pool dimensions and shape and tune the cleaning path accordingly.

Sometimes these sensors help differentiate between the waterline and other areas and therefore improve accuracy where needed.

Also, these sensors help understand the alignment of the appliance and understand whether it is covering the floor or climbing. This adjusts the cleaning brush movement in a way that the scrubbing action works best.

Pool Vacuum Best Pick

Our recommendation from the list would be Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus. Light in weight and easy to operate, this is a programmable device that gives you efficient and convenient pool cleaning. The support of a 2-year warranty comes as an added perk. With all the features that this one brings, it is easily a go-to option in the best inground pool cleaner choices.

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