Review of iLife A6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The iLife A6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner brings good news to homeowners who find maintaining a house a tiring job. With so much to do, the tasks can become monotonous over time. Fortunately, the iLife A6 Robotic Vacuum cleaner is here to lighten the load. It’s so efficient at its cleaning chores that you will soon be referring to it as your assistant in cleaning!

The automatic vacuum cleaner has progressed a lot since its first model, which is the V1 that was launched years ago. There has been a gradual progression in features in the models over the years, and the A6 is at present the latest in the A-series line.

Review of iLife A4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This carpet sweeper is sleek and piano black in color, a real thing of beauty. In addition to its beauty, the vacuum cleaner has the most powerful battery around. It’s also so sleek in design; it easily reaches under places like beds and furniture to give your house a thorough cleaning.

iLife A6 Robot Vacuum Features

Shorter than Its Counterpart

The ILife A6 is much shorter than its counterpart, the A4. It is only 2.8 inches in height, making it the shortest robot in the market so far. It is this low profile of the carpet sweeper that lets it easily and efficiently reach under furniture to remove all the dust and debris there.

Elegant Design

The ILife has a piano black finish with some gray accents, giving it a really sophisticated look. Anyone can use the robotic vacuum cleaner as it has a rather simple layout comprising a single button that fits the default cleaning mode.

It is its tempered glass top cover that makes its layout visible. Taking a look at its bottom side, it has two brushes on its sides, a dirt bin towards its bottom, and has its beater bar in the middle.

Bladeaway Rubber Brush

ILife uses a super improvised brush called the Bladeaway spiral blade rubber brush, which replaces the traditional rows of rubber blades that had bristles. This deep cleaning spiral blade rubber brush not only has high-powered dirt pickup capabilities, but it also works well on carpets.

The advantage of this modification is that it helps solve the problem of pet hair and dirt getting tangled in bristle brushes. As there are no bristles, there is no risk of hair and dirt ending up entangled in the brush and thus ensuring longer tangle-free usage. This also leads to less maintenance. In addition to the Bladeaway, the ILife also has two twin-side brushes on both sides for extra cleaning performance.

The deep cleaning BladeAway spiral blade rubber brush not only has a high-powered dirt pickup capability to efficiently handle all floor surface tasks, but it also provides a solution to the toughest issue automatic vacuums face, which is the tangling of hair in its brushes.

Cyclone Power 3-Stage System

The ILife A6 robot vacuum boasts of an upgraded Gen 2 Cyclone Power 3-stage motor system which generates more than 10 times air power when used on rugs and carpets to give a thorough cleaning to your home. It creates better agitation and suction while at work for improved working performance.

Its advanced spinning side brush sweeps debris into the robot vacuum’s path which in turn helps remove all the dust and dirt hidden along walls. So while the high-grade spiral brushes extract all the hard-to-clean debris, its powerful suction power absorbs everything thus removing all the dust in hard-to-reach areas.

It also has an ultra-performance large bin which prevents the filter from clogging which in turn helps maintain the machine’s suction power for a longer time. In addition to all this, the ILife has extra large RoadRover wheels which effectively cross obstacles located in rooms making it so much easier to do your everyday cleaning.

Improved Battery Life

The ILife A6 robot vacuum offers longer battery life. While its predecessors would run for about 2 hours on a recharge, the software upgrade in the ILife Li-Ion battery promises it a longer run time by a maximum of 40 minutes, making it perfect for use in larger houses.

So on average, the robotic vacuum cleaner can work for more than two hours before it has to dock for a recharge. This in turn means it’s possible to get more cleaning done with less recharging, which in turn helps at extending the battery’s lifespan.

Dual-Mode Virtual Wall

An important upgrade in the ILife which didn’t exist in the older models is the presence of a dual-mode virtual wall. The virtual wall is actually a device that emits a signal that blocks paths and areas where you don’t want the robot vac to go.

The benefit of this is that you no longer need to place boxes or anything physical in the robot’s path to obstruct and prevent it from going to places like the pet area or kitchen. Moreover, the virtual wall feature can emit signals to a reach of about 10 feet.

Performance on Bare Floors and Carpets

iLife A6 Robot Vacuum performs pretty well on bare floors at removing all the dirt, dust bunnies, pet hair, and even large debris like cereal. While it does work on rugs and carpets in its Max Mode cleaning, it does not give it a deep clean. This is why people with carpets at home should not rely solely on the robot vacuum for their rug/carpet maintenance.

iLife vs Roomba

They should also have an upright vacuum on hand as the ILife cannot be compared with its agitation and power. While using the robot vacuum every day will minimize the use of an upright vacuum, you need to use an upright vacuum to at least use on occasions to deep clean carpets.

Smart Schedule Mode

The robotic carpet sweeper can be set to its smart schedule mode to schedule to robotic vacuum to automatically do your cleaning work once a day for seven days a week when. This means that you just have to plan its cleaning timings for the week using its remote and then the unit cleans your home while you are at work.

You thus return home to a spic and span home, and are relieved of one of your housekeeping chores! Of course, you can also schedule it to do you’re cleaning while you are at home so that you have more time to attend to other, more important tasks.

Improved Detection Capabilities

Not only does the ILife have a virtual wall feature, but it also follows a more customized cleaning plan while at work. Its improved detection capabilities also help the robot vacuum sweeper react ingeniously to drops and obstacles.

iLife A6 Robot Vacuum Pros

  • Runs on an upgraded Gen 2 Cyclone Power 3-stage motor system
  • Extra long battery life that lasts for more than 21/2 hours on a single charge
  • Dual mode virtual wall feature prevents the robot from entering certain areas
  • Improved detection
  • Can be set to clean while you are at work using its Smart Schedule mode
  • Effectively picks up dirt, dust, pet hair and even large debris like cereals from bare floors
  • Comes with two extra side brushes, a remote, batteries for its virtual wall and remote, an extra HEPA filter and an extra blade away the spiral blade
  • Affordably priced
  • Very quiet, you hardly know its working
  • Easily cleans under beds, couches and chairs as it has a very slim profile
  • Cleans carpets, tile and hardwood
  • Less maintenance as the agitator doesn’t easily get tangled with hair
  • Cleaning times can be scheduled using its remote

iLife A6 Robot Vacuum Cons

  • Does not clean rugs with black patterns as the robot does not go over anything black
  • No Wi-Fi integration or Bluetooth connectivity which may be a hindrance to Smartphone users
  • The unit does not come with any replacement parts or additional accessories
  • Bin has to be tilted to be emptied else it spills over to create a mess
  • No US-based toll-free number or support only China international number
  • Follows a random cleaning pattern as the A6 doesn’t have any feature for mapping floors

Wrapping Up

If you need help maintaining your home, or if you are fed up with your daily housekeeping routine, the ILife A6 Robot Vacuum Cleaner will seem like a blessing in disguise for you. This is because this is no ordinary vacuum cleaner; it’s a robot unit that takes care of most of the work of picking up dirt and debris from both bare floors and carpets.

All you need to do is use its remote control to schedule it to automatically start working while you go to the office or while you attend to other more important work. It’s affordably priced and easy to use, making it perfect for even those with mobility issues or back pain.

The extra battery power and sleek profile that lets the robot vac reach under beds and couches and run for more than 2 and a half hours gives you even more reason to invest in this automatic carpet sweeper!

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