Review of Samsung POWERbot R9000 Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuum cleaners have become very popular because they can clean your entire house while you are busy with something else. The Samsung POWERbot R9000 robot vacuum is one of the top vacuum cleaners on the market that you can buy.

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This unit has a suction that is quite powerful and sustainable for ideal cleaning. It also easily navigates your home, and this means that it will avoid obstacles when doing your cleaning. The unique features of POWERbot R9000 will not disappoint you.

Features of Samsung POWERbot R9000

Samsung POWERbot R9000 has more advanced features in comparison with other robot cleaners on the market, which are clearly more sophisticated and beneficial.

Powerful Robotic Suction

The Samsung POWERbot R9000 has a powerful suction that will ultimately offer optimum cleaning results. Its suction power was found to be significantly higher compared to other top-selling vacuum cleaners.

Easy Pass Wheels

Samsung R9000 has large rotating wheels that have the capability to move very smoothly around any obstacles whatsoever. The surface does not matter, whether it is the hard floors or the carpet. This brings to an end the worries of cleaning some areas while leaving others untouched. The machine will do it all in due time.


Samsung POWERbot R9000 has the capability to get consistent power, and this happens with considerably less clogging. The high centrifugal forces that it possesses separate dirt and debris into a chamber on the outside. This function maintains its long-lasting suction power.

Combo Brush

It has a combo brush that is particularly designed to pick up any pet hair. Its rotating motion is strong enough to help it loosen any dirt particles that might be trapped. This 12-inch brush allows for corner-to-corner coverage as well as deep carpet cleaning.

Washable Filter

You don’t have to worry about maintaining the Samsung R9000. It has a washable filter, and this makes it pretty easy to use and less costly to maintain.

Large Capacity Canister

This unique vacuum cleaner has a dust canister that is large enough even to accommodate those dusty days that often get you frustrated. The canister is also easy to clean. The Samsung POWERbot solves all your cleaning problems.

A Full-View Sensor and Visionary Mapping

Samsung R9000 has a digital camera, and in addition to this, it has nine smart sensors that help to create an optimum cleaning path. It creates this path by scanning the layout of your entire home and everything in it.

You don’t have to keep worrying about any objects that might be on the floor or your furniture; it does all the work for you when you turn it on.


Long-Lasting Suction Power

Samsung POWERbot has a suction that is long-lasting, and this gives you the best cleaning service.

Comes with Combo Brush to Picks Up Pet Hair

The other amazing part of owning this robot cleaner is that it can pick up pet hair. Most of us are irritated by our pets when they spend all their time lying on our carpets only to leave their hair littered everywhere. You will now worry less about having your dog or cat around.

Low Sound Level

Have you ever had those robot vacuums whose sound levels are quite high, and you can’t wait to turn them off? This one is different; it produces minimal sound when turned on, considering the dirt it picks up.


Samsung POWERbot R9000 is very convenient for you. You only have to turn it on, and it does everything else for you. You won’t have to be stuck doing one thing; you can do multiple tasks at the same time. Come to think of it; you can save a lot of time when using this vacuum cleaner.


This device is durable, and the maintenance cost is low. With its washable filter, it can serve you for a considerable long time.

Perfect for All Surfaces

The interesting part of this cleaner is that it can clean all the surfaces of your home regardless of whether they are smooth or hard floors. With the easy pass wheels, it cleans every part of your home when you need it done, and this serves you for your convenience.

Big Display

This machine has an excellent and appealing display. It looks sleek, and it is its performance is incomparable. Believe me; you will fall in love with it on the first day.

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Easy to Clean

Samsung POWERbot R9000 is quite easy to clean. It will also take less time to empty the dust canister, and this saves you time.

Samsung POWERbot R9000 Cons

No Rescheduling Function

It doesn’t have any rescheduling service meaning that if you want to turn it on, you have to do it manually, but you will have your house sparkling clean in a short period.

It is Big

This vacuum cleaner is a bit big, and it might not always fit under your couch. This might require you to move it when you want the cleaning done. Even though, when you put into account the quality of the cleaning, it is still worth it.

Samsung POWERbot R9000 is an automatic cleaning helper. It allows you to save time and with its outstanding features, gives you optimal results. With this smart robot cleaner, you can get rid of the majority of your cleaning problems.

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