Review of Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Welcome to the review of the Xiaomi MI robot vacuum cleaner – Xiaomi – one of the largest electronic companies in the world – continues to transform the robotics cleaning industry this time with the Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Laser Guidance System.

This autonomous vacuum from the Chinese manufacturer promises much greater suction power and longer battery span than its predecessors (and competitors) among other great features.

Xiaomi’s ability to make elegant robovacs that cater to the varying needs of all its customers shone brilliantly through this model. In conjunction with amazing functionality, the Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum gains a lot of user points for being aesthetically pleasing.

Its external design and unique capabilities make it very easy to fall in love with hence the reason many are terming it the best robovac from Xiaomi – for the moment at least.

If you’re in the market for a robotic vacuum we recommend sparing a few moments to examine the Xiaomi MI vacuum cleaner before making any purchases. This Chinese vacuum possesses highly elevated features and functionality guaranteed to entice even the greatest skeptics.

A closer look exposes the amazing traits that make this robovac a far superior option than the majority currently present in the market.

About Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum

Product Specifications:

  • Brand Name — XIAOMI MI
  • Item Weight — 4 pounds
  • Package Dimensions — 9 x 19.3 x 6 inches
  • Item model number — 372010
  • Batteries — 8 AA batteries required.
  • Color — white
  • Manufacturer Part Number — 372010

Important features of Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum

  • 5200mAh Li-Battery
  • Anti-Collision & Anti-falling Detection
  • WIFI connect mobile phone app
  • Highly Automatic
  • 1800 P.a Suctions & Cleaning power.
  • 14 oz dustbin
  • “Apple Appeal” stylish design
  • Completely sealed filters
  • Warranty

Xiaomi strives to build highly functional robots with specs that can outperform other premium robots in the industry. The company tries to incorporate features that are not common in most vacuums. Their vacuums are perfect for homeowners seeking robovacs that can offer much higher cleaning standards than the majority currently in the market. Let’s have a look at the features of Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Features

5200mAh Li-Battery

This model is equipped with a 5200mAh Lithium-ion battery that can sustain continuous cleaning for a maximum of 2.5 hours. Once the vacuum’s systems detect a low charge the machine halts cleaning at once and heads back to its starting base to recharge.

This cleaning duration surpasses the vast majority of cleaners in the market. Apart from the Xiaomi MI, other cleaning robots can only manage 150 minutes at best. Only a select few can come close to the 2-hour mark let alone reach the 2.5-hour border. If you have a large home this is definitely the robot vacuum for you.

Anti-Collision & Anti-Falling Detection

The Xiaomi MI robot vacuum comes with 12 sensors that include cliff sensors and ultrasonic radar sensors that guide the machine in a similar way laser systems guide self-driving cars. A gyroscope and an accelerometer are also included among the 12 laser ensembles to further enhance navigation.

These lasers allow the vacuum to scope a room with ease and determine the most appropriate route where the vacuum can avoid obstacles.

The cliff sensors, working in tandem with the laser distance sensor located at the top of the device, detect disparities in the floor surface to prevent the machine from plummeting downstairs and other raised platforms.

WI-FI Connects the Remote Control App

This Xiaomi model can be operated remotely courtesy of the MI Home App with just a basic WI-FI connection. Users can access pretty much every feature on the Xiaomi model remotely that they can access manually.

A user can schedule cleaning times, monitor the cleaning progress, switch between cleaning modes, and even control accessories such as purifier light fitting among others all via a wireless device.

A disclaimer – the app is still relatively new and although it works great generally there are some slight issues with select features and updates that have brought about mixed reviews.

Highly Automatic

This model is by far the most automated of the Xiaomi vacuum family. In order to achieve cleaning performance without any human guidance the machine was built with intelligent planning path technology to guide the robovac around the home or office.

True to its name, it utilizes a laser guidance system to avoid collisions and tumbling down stairs. Still on automation, should it detect its charge drop to low levels it will immediately pause cleaning return to its charging base where it will recharge, and then go back to the point it was cleaning earlier – all on its own!

1800 P.A Suction & Cleaning Power

When it comes to cleaning, the Xiaomi MI robot vacuum is among the few vacuums that can generate 1800 pascals of air pressure in order to remove dirt. While this is an impressive feature that the majority cannot come close to, it should be noted that this can be achieved in the basic standard suction mode.

Users can achieve even more suction power by choosing a different mode depending on the level of cleanness they desire. Worried about possible high noises? Don’t be. Only 64 decibels is produced which is quite low. Sounds above 70 decibels are considered to be high and inconveniencing and hence should be avoided.

14 oz Dustbin

This vacuum boasts a 14-ounce dustbin (slightly less than half a liter). Granted, the vacuum bin is not among the largest when compared to other brands. However, it is among the most accessible. The vacuum can be emptied quickly and efficiently. Xiaomi incorporated a sensor that beeps gently to indicate the bin needs to be emptied.

“Apple Appeal” Stylish Design

The robot is available in a classy white design that mimics the elegant Apple look. With a 34.29cm diameter, it boasts a magnificent circular shape with an impressive height of 9.65cm.

The weight is also very reasonable. At only 8.4 pounds the vacuum weighs enough to be transported conveniently and small enough to clean effectively without causing any major interruptions.

Completely Sealed Filters

A highly significant feature of this vacuum is its advanced cleaning system which is built to completely obscure airflow. This ensures the smallest dirt particles are sucked into the HEPA filters (also completely sealed) where they are trapped to ensure maximum cleaning.

It is also relatively easy to get replacements for these filters when you need them. For the best deals, it is advisable to purchase multiple replacement filters together with the Xiaomi MI vacuuming unit.

Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Warranty

Since this product is Chinese based its warranty per unit varies depending on the wholesaler or point of purchase. Amazon has among the best warranty offers i.e. up to 1 year.

What Customers Say

With an 84% 5-star rating on Amazon, most customers are impressed by the Xiaomi MI robot cleaner with a laser guidance system.

The navigation system allows for a unique mode of cleaning whereby the laser system divides a room into square sections cleaning one after the other. This form of cleaning, they noted, saved a lot of time compared to other models.

As far as the suction is concerned, there are currently four modes: eco, balanced, turbo, and max. Most customers prefer cleaning in turbo mode since it provides great results compared to the last two modes.

Max mode was chosen for surfaces with extra particles such as pet hair that might have been missed by the turbo suction although such instances are extremely few.

Many customers have called the Xiaomi Mi robot a wonder vacuum with its ease of use, unbelievable navigation, and phenomenal ability to destroy pet hair.

However, this vacuum is not without some caveats. Some users voiced concerns about the price of the vacuum. Retailing close to $400, it is highly-priced equipment to acquire. Also, the battery does not charge all the way to 100% but stops at 80%. Similarly, it stops cleaning and recharges when the battery has about 19% charge.

This robs users of valuable cleaning time since other brands recharge at 15% and below. It also doesn’t clean pile carpet well occasionally stopping when its brushes get entangled.

Buying Advice

All factors considered, the Xiaomi MI robot vacuum cleaner with a laser guidance system is worth every penny.

Its cleaning is more efficient than other higher-priced vacuums as it divides a room into sections and cleans individual sections before moving to the next. Also, the navigation is excellent for large-roomed houses and works great on a wide variety of floors including tile and wood.

It also comes with other special features that most vacuums lack such as a side brush that gently directs dirt and waste to the suction mouth. Also, the robot’s height can be adjusted to suit the surface of its cleaning – a feature absent in many vacuums making this model among the best.

Wrapping Up Xiaomi MI Robot Vacuum Review

With a super powerful suction power and a variety of gadgets and special features, the Xiaomi XI’s ability to clean homes and offices is rivaled only by a select few. This robovac is also very easy to use and maintain thus making it a worthy machine to invest in.

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