Finally! Meet The Ascender: A Robot Vacuum That Climbs Stairs

Ascender: The Next-Gen Solution to Vacuuming Challenges

Traditional vacuuming can seem prehistoric in an era of smart homes and automated tasks. Most robot vacuums navigate a single floor efficiently, deftly dodging obstacles and returning to their charging dock when battery levels dip low. However, the issue lies in their inability to tackle stairs, a standard feature in many multi-story homes. Enter Ascender, the innovative new robot vacuum from Migo Robotics.

Our busy lives demand intelligent solutions, and Ascender promises to deliver just that. This next-gen robot vacuum merges intuitive technology with user-friendly operation, redefining home cleaning like never before. What sets the Ascender apart from the pack? Its ground-breaking stair-climbing feature. Suddenly, the dust-collecting corners of your staircase are within reach of your vacuum cleaner. The Ascender robot vacuum is not just an upgrade; it’s a revolution.

Standout Feature: Ascender’s Unparalleled Stair-Climbing Ability

Navigating stairs has long been the Achilles heel for robot vacuums – until now. The Ascender’s state-of-the-art technology tackles this challenge head-on, promising an unmatched cleaning performance that extends beyond flat surfaces.

At the heart of this feature is Ascender’s innovative design. With a body unlike its round-shaped peers, Ascender sports a rectangular form that serves a critical function. When the vacuum encounters stairs, it deploys articulated legs, which clasp the edge of the step and lift the robot onto it. Once secure, the legs fold back, allowing Ascender to resume cleaning.

Ascender’s automatic stair detection is an industry first, a leap towards comprehensive home cleaning. You no longer need to manually vacuum or leave your stairs in the dusty lurch. With Ascender, every inch of your home, from the living room floor to the top step of your staircase, can enjoy the same level of cleaning.

Other Innovative Features of Ascender: A Game-Changer in the World of Robot Vacuums

The Ascender claimed more than just conquering stairs. Based on the promises, it should be packed with other state-of-the-art features, it’s a powerhouse of cleaning innovation that elevates it to a league of its own. One of its most impressive capabilities is its AI-powered mapping. Using sophisticated LiDAR scanners, Ascender efficiently maps the rooms in your home, planning optimal cleaning routes and keeping track of previously cleaned areas. This intelligent approach to cleaning makes missed spots a thing of the past.

Moreover, Ascender isn’t just a marvel in navigation; it should pack a powerful punch in cleaning too. With an impressive 6,000pa vacuum suction performance alongside 3500/min high-speed scrubbing mopping performance, Ascender doesn’t compromise on its cleaning prowess. From stubborn pet hair to fine dust particles, Ascender’s strong suction ensures a thorough, deep clean every time. When it comes to Ascender’s capabilities, stairs are just the beginning.

I’m also a fan of the unique square design, although it remains to be seen if this transforms into optimal performance!

Pricing and Buying Information of Ascender: A Worthwhile Investment

If you’re now eager to make the Ascender your new cleaning companion, you’re probably wondering about the cost. Currently, Migo Robotics offers an early bird price of $999, a significant reduction from its projected price of $1,399. While this might seem steep compared to more basic models, consider Ascender’s revolutionary features and the cleaning convenience it brings into your home.

This robotic vacuum can be reserved via the Migo Robotics official website with a symbolic deposit of just $5. While the expected delivery of the product is set for August, it’s advised to keep an eye on the site for the most updated information.

The Visionary Team Behind Ascender: Pioneers of Cleaning Innovation

Behind every great innovation, there’s a team of visionaries, and Ascender is no exception. Migo Robotics boasts a team of outstanding experts with experience at Google, Boston Dynamics, Dyson, and Ecovacs. Their combined expertise in robotics, AI, and home appliances has been instrumental in bringing Ascender to life.

This diverse group of innovators has brought stair-climbing capability to robot vacuums and a renewed vision for the future of home cleaning. As technology advances, there’s no doubt that the Ascender team will keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in this sector.

The Ascender is more than a cleaning device—it’s a testament to what technology can achieve when guided by a team of forward-thinking creators. With Ascender, Migo Robotics invites us to reimagine the future of cleaning. And from what we’ve seen, that future is excitingly bright.


What makes the Ascender robot vacuum unique?

Ascender is the first robot vacuum capable of climbing and cleaning stairs, thanks to its innovative design and advanced LiDAR technology.

Can the Ascender robot vacuum also mop floors?

Yes, the Ascender is a 2-in-1 cleaning device featuring vacuum suction and mopping capabilities, ensuring thorough and diverse cleaning.

How does the Ascender robot vacuum map and navigate through the house?

Ascender uses LiDAR scanners to create detailed maps of the house, which helps it efficiently navigate rooms and plan optimal cleaning routes.

What’s the cost of the Ascender robot vacuum?

Currently, Migo Robotics offers the Ascender at an early bird price of $999. The expected regular price after launch is $1,399.

When will the Ascender robot vacuum be released?

According to the company’s official statements, Migo Robotics plans to release the Ascender as early as August 2023.

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