DEEBOT X1 Omni Review: Revolutionizing Home Cleaning with Advanced Tech

Welcome to our comprehensive DEEBOT X1 Omni Review, where cutting-edge technology meets everyday home cleaning. In this deep dive, we explore how the DEEBOT X1 Omni stands apart with its powerful 5,000Pa suction and innovative mopping functionality, setting new standards in robotic vacuum efficiency.

Our analysis rigorously tests the DEEBOT X1 Omni against common household cleaning challenges, from navigating complex layouts with its advanced LiDAR Navigation System to effortlessly switching between carpets and hard floors. We’ll compare its performance with leading competitors, highlighting its unique Self-Cleaning Mop Feature and user-friendly App Integration.

Moreover, we consider everyday practicalities like maintenance requirements, noise level, and the convenience brought by its Voice Control Compatibility. By balancing high-end features with real-world usability, this review aims to provide a holistic view of the DEEBOT X1 Omni, guiding you to make an informed decision for your smart home needs.

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Key takeaways

  • The DEEBOT X1 Omni is an all-in-one Omni station with self-emptying and auto-washing features.
  • It has a powerful 5000PA suction power for deep cleaning on both hard floors and carpets.
  • The OZMO Turbo rotating mopping system effectively removes stains and debris.
  • The TrueMapping laser-based navigation system and AIVI 3D Technology ensure efficient and precise cleaning with obstacle avoidance.


The DEEBOT X1 Omni is a versatile cleaning tool, functioning as a vacuum and a mop. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking a comprehensive cleaning solution. This gadget shines conveniently and thoroughly, making household chores a breeze. 

However, it does have minor limitations that might be worth considering. Despite these, the DEEBOT X1 Omni is a strong contender in the cleaning tools market, offering great value for its price. Expertise and experience speak in its favor.


The DEEBOT X1 Omni offers a range of pros that make it the ultimate cleaning solution. Here are the key advantages of this robot vacuum and mop combo:

  1. All-in-one cleaning capabilities: With its vacuuming and mopping features, the DEEBOT X1 Omni provides a comprehensive cleaning solution for your home.
  2. Efficient and thorough cleaning: The self-emptying and auto-washing features ensure that the DEEBOT X1 Omni can clean your floors effectively and without interruption.
  3. Advanced mapping and navigation: The TrueMapping laser-based navigation system allows the DEEBOT X1 Omni to navigate your home efficiently and provide thorough coverage.
  4. Intuitive voice control: The built-in YIKO voice assistant makes operating the DEEBOT X1 Omni easy and convenient.

With these pros, the DEEBOT X1 Omni is an excellent choice for those seeking a high-performing and versatile cleaning solution.


However, there are a few drawbacks to consider when it comes to the DEEBOT X1 Omni:

  1. Limited accessories availability: Some users have reported difficulty purchasing accessories directly from the ECOVACS website, which can be frustrating if replacement parts or additional accessories are needed.
  2. Inaccurate mapping in specific areas: While the TrueMapping laser-based navigation system is generally efficient and precise, some users have experienced inaccuracies in mapping certain areas of their homes. This can result in the robot vacuum missing spots or getting stuck.
  3. Size and weight: The DEEBOT X1 Omni is a larger and heavier robot vacuum than other models. This may require assistance during delivery and setup, especially for those with difficulty lifting or maneuvering heavier objects.
  4. Noisier operation: Some users have noted that the DEEBOT X1 Omni can be louder during operation than other robot vacuums. This may be a consideration for those who prefer quieter cleaning devices.

Despite these drawbacks, the DEEBOT X1 Omni offers a comprehensive cleaning solution with its all-in-one capabilities and advanced features.


deebot x1 omini design

The DEEBOT X1 Omni, with its refined and contemporary look, is a design marvel that easily integrates with any interior style. Inspired by Jacob Jensen, the design enhances its functionality and aesthetic allure, making it a chic and classy addition to your living space. 

Its smooth lines and elegant finish give it a sophisticated edge that enhances any room’s ambiance. Imagine its compact size gliding around your city apartment, allowing it to weave through tight spaces and around furniture effortlessly. 

Its low-profile design becomes particularly beneficial when it ducks under your bed, sofa, or other out-of-reach areas to clean. The DEEBOT X1 Omni, with its design balancing efficiency with style, is a functional yet aesthetically pleasing addition to your home.

Stand out features

Impressive suction power

For those who prioritize deep cleaning, the DEEBOT X1 Omni impresses with its powerful 5000PA suction that removes dirt and debris from hard floors and carpets. This impressive suction power ensures that even the most stubborn particles are lifted and eliminated, leaving your floors spotless. 

Whether you have pet hair, dust, or larger debris, the DEEBOT X1 Omni’s suction power can handle everything. This feature distinguishes it from other robot vacuums, providing unmatched cleaning performance. 

With the DEEBOT X1 Omni, you can trust that your floors will be thoroughly cleaned and free from dirt and dust, giving you the peace of mind that your home is immaculate.

Versatile vacuuming and mopping

The DEEBOT X1 Omni offers exceptional vacuuming and mopping capabilities. This all-in-one cleaning solution offers advanced features that stand out from other robot vacuums.

With a powerful 5000PA suction power, it effectively cleans hard floors and carpets, leaving your home spotless. The OZMO Turbo rotating mopping system ensures effective stain and debris removal, making your floors shine.

The TrueMapping laser-based navigation system enables efficient and precise cleaning, ensuring no area is left untouched. The DEEBOT X1 Omni also features AIVI 3D Technology for obstacle avoidance and a built-in YIKO voice assistant for intuitive voice control.

With its sleek Jacob Jensen design, this robot vacuum performs exceptionally well and adds aesthetic appeal to your home.

Advanced laser navigation

The DEEBOT X1 Omni has a TrueMapping laser-based navigation system, allowing efficient and precise cleaning. 

This advanced technology enables the robot vacuum to create accurate and detailed maps of your home, ensuring comprehensive coverage. With its ability to detect and navigate obstacles using AIVI 3D Technology, the DEEBOT X1 Omni avoids potential hazards and achieves a thorough clean.

The laser navigation system also enables the robot vacuum to recognize different floor types and adjust its cleaning power accordingly, ensuring optimal performance on hard floors and carpets. With the DEEBOT X1 Omni’s advanced laser navigation, you can trust that every nook and cranny of your home will be thoroughly cleaned with precision and efficiency.

Convenient voice control

With its built-in YIKO voice assistant, the DEEBOT X1 Omni allows you to control your cleaning experience effortlessly. Use voice commands to start or stop cleaning, schedule cleaning sessions, or even change cleaning modes. 

The voice control feature adds convenience and ease to your cleaning routine, saving time and effort. You no longer have to manually control the robot vacuum, as you can now rely on the power of your voice to get the job done. 

This advanced technology ensures a seamless and intuitive cleaning experience, making the DEEBOT X1 Omni a standout choice for those seeking mastery of cleaning automation.

Efficiency and effectiveness

The efficiency and effectiveness of the DEEBOT X1 Omni are evident in its powerful suction and advanced cleaning features. With a suction power of 5000PA, this robot vacuum can deeply clean hard floors and carpets, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience.

The OZMO Turbo rotating mopping system removes stains and debris, leaving your floors sparkling clean. The TrueMapping laser-based navigation system enables the DEEBOT X1 Omni to navigate your home efficiently and precisely, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

The AIVI 3D Technology also allows the robot to avoid obstacles, enhancing efficiency.

With the DEEBOT X1 Omni, you can enjoy an all-in-one cleaning solution that combines vacuuming and mopping capabilities, making cleaning tasks easier and more efficient.


Now, let’s address some of the drawbacks of the DEEBOT X1 Omni.

One limitation is the difficulty in purchasing accessories from the ECOVACS website, which can be frustrating for users who need replacements or additional parts.

Another drawback is the inaccurate mapping in certain areas of the house, which may result in the robot vacuum missing spots or getting stuck.

Also, the size and weight of the DEEBOT X1 Omni can make it challenging to handle during delivery and setup, requiring assistance from others.

While these limitations should be considered, it’s important to note that overall satisfaction with the performance and features of the DEEBOT X1 Omni remains high.

Hands-on feedback: ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 Omni Robot vacuum and mop combo

deebot x1 omini front

Experience shows the ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 Omni presents a fascinating blend of innovation and practical challenges. Starting with the positives, its scheduling capabilities in the app are a standout feature. The customizable cleaning intensity for different rooms is quite impressive. My kitchen gets the maximum cleaning treatment, while other areas receive tailored care. 

The robot’s ability to resume tasks after recharging is a convenient feature, though it requires manual activation in the settings. Navigational prowess is another strong point. It’s incredibly adept at avoiding obstacles and intelligently finding its way back to the base station, a significant upgrade from competitor models like the Roomba j7 combo. 

Using LIDAR technology for navigation adds to its efficiency, even in the dark. The app’s functionality, offering customizable cleaning zones and intensity, is a boon, although setting up these features can be initially challenging. The robot’s ability to alert on water levels and provide a live feed of its cleaning path is innovative.

Aesthetically, the design is sleek, resembling an Apple product. Its magnetic design for easy part removal and the feature of hot air drying the mops post-cleaning are thoughtful additions. The voice assist feature ‘OK YIKO’ enhances hands-free operation, although it occasionally activates unintentionally.

However, the ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 Omni has its downsides. The long charging time and the need for regular base station maintenance, while not deal-breakers require commitment. The immense clean and dirty water tanks are not exempt from frequent emptying, especially in a regularly used household. Furthermore, occasional software bugs, such as difficulty locating the base station or getting lost, can be frustrating, although they are often fixable with a reset.

On the more concerning side, some users report issues with the robot’s docking system, affecting its ability to charge effectively. This is a design flaw rather than an isolated incident. Also, the robot’s inability to navigate over rugs when the mopping pads are on limits its cleaning versatility.

Customer service experiences vary, with some users appreciating the prompt and helpful responses while others find them less efficient, especially when dealing with more severe technical issues. The language translations and instructions could improve clarity, particularly considering the premium pricing of the product.

Extra purchases and ongoing costs

Additional purchases and ongoing costs must be considered to enhance your cleaning experience with the DEEBOT X1 Omni.

One crucial extra purchase is the disposable dust bags for the omni station, which need to be replaced regularly to maintain its self-emptying functionality. These dust bags come in packs of three and can be conveniently purchased online or from select retailers. The rotating mopping pads for the OZMO Turbo system should be replaced periodically to ensure optimal cleaning performance.

As for ongoing costs, you’ll need to factor in the cost of electricity for charging the DEEBOT X1 Omni, as well as the cost of water for the auto-washing feature. While these additional purchases and ongoing costs are necessary for maintaining the DEEBOT X1 Omni’s efficiency, they’re relatively minimal compared to its convenience and effectiveness in keeping your home clean.

Frequently asked questions

How long does the DEEBOT X1 Omni’s battery last on a single charge?

The DEEBOT X1 Omni’s battery lasts approximately 150 minutes on a single charge. This allows for extended cleaning sessions without interruption, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleaning experience.

Can the DEEBOT X1 Omni be controlled and scheduled through a smartphone app?

Yes, you can control and schedule the DEEBOT X1 Omni through a smartphone app. It offers convenience and flexibility, allowing you to manage and customize your cleaning preferences from anywhere easily.

What Is the capacity of the DEEBOT X1 Omni’s self-emptying dustbin?

The DEEBOT X1 Omni’s self-emptying dustbin has a capacity of [answer]. It allows for convenient cleaning without the hassle of frequently emptying the dustbin, saving you time and effort.

Does the DEEBOT X1 Omni come with a virtual boundary feature to restrict certain areas?

The DEEBOT X1 Omni has no virtual boundary feature to restrict certain areas. However, it has advanced mapping and navigation capabilities for comprehensive coverage.

How does the DEEBOT X1 Omni handle obstacles and furniture D]during cleaning?

The DEEBOT X1 Omni effortlessly navigates around obstacles and furniture using its advanced AIVI 3D Technology. It detects and avoids obstacles, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleaning experience in your home.


In conclusion, the DEEBOT X1 Omni is a game-changing cleaning solution that will revolutionize your home cleaning routine.

Its powerful suction, advanced mopping system, and precise navigation effortlessly tackle dirt and debris on hard floors and carpets.

The built-in YIKO voice assistant adds a touch of convenience, while the sleek design enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Say goodbye to hours of cleaning and hello to a spotless home with the DEEBOT X1 Omni.

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