Review of Shark Ion 750 Robot Vacuum

Welcome to the review of Shark Ion 750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner. SharkNinja continues to flourish as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of appliances and vacuum cleaners – this time courtesy of the Shark Ion Robot 750.

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For over a century SharkNinja has been manufacturing vacuum cleaners but has only recently ventured into robotic vacuum manufacturing. This is part of the company’s evolution to meet the growing consumer demand for well-crafted technological vacuums.

Undoubtedly, the Shark Ion 750 robot – like all SharkNinja products – is a state-of-the-art vacuum with a variety of capabilities guaranteed to please the customer.

However, this brand supersedes its predecessors by incorporating unique features that make it stand out from the many robovacs currently saturating the market. Take for instance the design.

The Shark Ion 750 has a unique shape that is similar to the ILIFE and EUFY robotic cleaners but sports a stylish circular shape with suave chipped edges and bears a combination of distinct beautiful black, white, and grey colors. 

In contrast to SharkNinja’s previous models, this brand guarantees even more seamless integration into the average life of a user. It is also built to complement most home environments and blend with a variety of décor.

Here is a breakdown of the specs of this robovac.

About The Shark Ion 750

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions —  6 by 12.6 by 2.6 inches
  • Item weight —   51 pounds
  • Shipping Weight —   2 pounds
  • Manufacturer —   SharkNinja
  • ASIN —    B075JRB2Z9
  • Item model number —    RV750
  • Batteries —    1 Lithium Ion Battery Required

Pros/Important Features of Shark Ion 750

  • Self-cleaning brush roll.
  • Smart sensor navigation.
  • Long life Lithium-ion Battery.
  • Dual Spinning Side Brushes.
  • App control.
  • Low profile design.
  • Wi-Fi enabled.
  • Detangling technology.
  • Easy-to-empty dustbin
  • Multiple accessories

Features/Pros of Shark Ion Robot 750

Self-Cleaning Brush Roll

The Shark Ion Robot 750 is built with high-tensile bristles to facilitate the thorough cleaning of all hard floors and light carpets. The bristles are shaped in helix patterns to further boost their brushing capabilities to not only pick up dirt and debris but also fine hairs, fur, dander, pollen and other allergens.

Smart Sensor Navigation

This Shark ion Robot is built with a smart sensor navigation system that enables it to clean any room without bumping into obstacles. The sensor system works by radiating a laser into the environment and using the reflection of the laser to determine the distance between the robot and the surrounding objects.

This technique also enables the robot to create a map of its surrounding so that it can know exactly where it is located so that it can return back to its docking station when need be.

The robovac is also equipped with anti-drop sensors to prevent the machine from falling down a flight of stairs or other forms of raised surfaces when cleaning.

Long Life Lithium-ion Battery

The 750 Shark model is powered by a highly durable Lithium-ion battery that can sustain continuous cleaning operations for well over an hour.

The robot’s sophisticated battery system detects when the power is at low levels and signals for the robovac to return to its docking station to recharge before it can resume cleaning. This means it’s unlikely for a user to find the Shark 750 motionless in a room due to lack of power.

Dual Spinning Side Brushes

The side brushes add to the cleaning functionality of the Shark 750 by enabling it to better clean the edges and corners of rooms. The two extra brushes can flush out debris and other dirt particles from corners and crevices with relative ease thus ensuring a higher level of cleanliness.

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App Control

Users can schedule cleaning sessions from any location courtesy of the Shark Ion robot app which they can install on their Android or iPhone devices. Users can also activate their robotic vacuum to start cleaning from anywhere via the app.

This can be done either through the push of a button or through voice control – a feature that is supported by Google Home and Amazon Alexa. To find the app simply search for “Shark Ion robot” from an app store or a search engine.

Low Profile Design

This model has a low profile design that allows it to maneuver underneath furniture and equipment to reach all areas of a room. This ensures that all dust and allergen-causing substances are eliminated from a room including those tucked away in hard-to-reach areas.

This feature is also important if you have pets that shed fur in your home. The machine can easily traverse underneath large objects to ensure no trace of hair or fur remains that might cause discomfort to guests who are prone to allergies.

Detangling Technology

Tired of having to untangle hairs and strings from your robovac? With the Shark 750 model, you no longer have to. This robotic vacuum has a pre-installed self-grooming system that enables the brush roll to manage hairs and strings and prevent them from being entangled in the first place.

This means you don’t have to worry about the vacuum being incapacitated especially when you’re away from home.

Easy-to-Empty Dustbin

The Shark Ion 750 robot vacuum has a detachable dustbin that is strategically placed on the side to facilitate easy access for users to empty the contents without creating a mess.

Multiple Accessories

This one-of-a-kind robot comes with a wide variety of accessories such as a filter to prevent particles from escaping into the environment; a charging dock, botboundary connectors, side brushes, 9 ft of botboundary, a cleaning tool and a lithium-ion battery. These accessories make using the Shark Ion robot much easier.


  • The navigation system sometimes malfunctions causing the vacuum to get stuck between objects or fail to find its way from under couches and other equipment.
  • The app is still not fully developed and hence relies exclusively on a Wi-Fi connection to operate the robot.

What Customers Say

The majority of customers love this model with over 66 percent of buyers on Amazon leaving 5-star Shark Ion robot reviews. Users were particularly impressed with the great price of the vacuum considering the multitude of features it possesses. At just $329 it is much cheaper than other vacuums with similar specifications.

Users were also captivated by how quietly the robovac operates. Whenever they activated the robot to clean and confirmed via the app it was cleaning they could barely hear it move even when they were in close proximity.

Other features users fell in love with include the ease of use of this model (courtesy of the design and accessories), its cleaning ability on hard floors e.g. laminate and tile e.t.c and the easy-to-empty dustbin.

The most common downside voiced by customers was the app which exclusively requires a Wi-Fi connection in order to connect with the robot.  Also, the robot occasionally got stuck between furniture and other objects.

However, in such cases, it sent a message notifying the owner it was stuck. Granted, this might not be helpful if you’re far away e.g. at work. However, it is a convenient feature if you’re at home or somewhere nearby.

Shark Ion Robot 750 Vs Shark Ion 720

So, how does the Shark Ion 750 stack against the Shack Ion 720 and which of these two models is better?

Based on the identification numbers it is easy to deduce that the Shark 750 is an upgraded version of the Shark 720. This means the two robovacs share the same great features. For instance, they are both compact, have a low profile; have tough bristled brushes, etc. 

However, the 750 model possesses a few extras such as an extra HEPA filter, an extra pair of side brushes, as well as a multitude of control options which are absent in the 720 model.

Both models share a similar design. They are both 12.6 inches in diameter and weigh 5.5 pounds. They can also fit easily under low-lying objects and furniture to clean. Both models also have self-cleaning brush rolls. This means users don’t have to worry about removing hair wrapped around the bristles.

However, users who choose to purchase the 750 model stand to benefit through better control of the robovac as a result of the Shark Ion robot app which is only functional in this model. Additionally, the multitude of control options on the surface of this robotic cleaner also contributes to its ease of use.

While there is a $60 between the two machines, this extra cost is more than compensated by the extra HEPA filter and the 2 extra side brushes that are part of the 750 model package.

Shark Ion Robot 750 Vs Irobot Roomba Models

If you’re a Roomba fan, you’re probably curious about how the Shark Ion 750 robot stacks up against popular Roomba bots. No need to speculate. Here is a comprehensive breakdown of the most popular Roomba models.

Shark Ion Robot 750 Vs iRobot Roomba 690

Compared to the Roomba 690, the Shark 750 retails slightly more at $330 compared to $270. For the extra cost, users benefit from easier navigation underneath furniture and other objects. This is because the Shark is 2.6 inches tall compared to the Roomba’s 3.7 inches.

The Shark 750 also uses a more sophisticated dirt trapping system i.e. HEPA compared to the Roomba 690 Aerovac filter system which is less efficient.

The Shark 750 is also much lighter – weighs 5.5 pounds, compared to the Roomba 690 which weighs 7.8 pounds.  All other factors e.g. auto recharge, 3-stage cleaning, run-time, Alexa compatibility, Wi-Fi connectivity e.t.c. are the same.

If you have a lot of furniture in your home then the Shark 750 is the superior option since it eliminates the need to measure furniture height. It is also more portable and more hygienic which more than makes up for the $60 difference in the long term.

Shark Ion Robot 750 Vs iRobot Roomba 890

In terms of price, the Roomba 890 is more expensive retailing at slightly above $500. This is $170 more than the Shark 750.

The design of the Roomba 890 is slightly more expansive at 13.9 inches in diameter compared to the 12.6 inches of the Shark 750. This means it will take less time to vacuum than the Shark 750 – just slightly but not much.

The Roomba 890 is more adept at suctioning dust and fine debris from thick carpets. The Shark 750, on the other hand, is mainly built for hard floors.

These are the main differences between the two models. Everything else is pretty much the same.

All factors considered, if you don’t have heavy rugs in your home and you need a vacuum that is affordable and easy to use then the Shark Ion 750 robot is the better of the two.

Wrapping Up

The Shark Ion robot 750 is a high-performance robot vacuum that gives well-established brands like the Roomba 690 and 890 a run for their money. It is considered to be a Roomba substitute by many – but much cheaper.

Almost $200 cheap! If you’re looking for a robovac that has good performance, can do a thorough job on hard floors, and won’t break the bank, then the Shark Ion 750 model is one of the best options in the market to consider.

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