Review of iLife V3s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Today we are here with the review of iLife V3s robotic vacuum cleaner with all features, pros and cons you need to know before buying this useful some cleaning item. Let’s start!

The ILife V3s robotic vacuum cleaner is the perfect device for a pet owner to have at home. Its pet hair technology helps remove pet messes, hair, and debris while you attend to more important work.

It also helps keep allergies at bay as its low and small profile ensures it reaches hard-to-reach places and eliminates dust, dander, and other allergens.

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The robot vac just has to be scheduled to perform its chores as required and it follows the schedule as required. This automatic carpet cleaner not only sweeps your home but also dries mops to keep every corner of your home spic and span.

The robotic vacuum sweeper has a slim 3-inch sleek body for improved efficiency at reaching under beds, sofas, and everywhere else dirt is inaccessible by normal carpet sweepers.

Automatically Docks and Recharges

The automatic vacuum automatically docks to recharge itself once its battery has drained. It has a set of 14 built-in sensors which prevent the unit from bumping into things and falling off stairs while performing its chores.

4 Different Modes to Choose from

The iLife V3s robotic vacuum cleaner can be programmed to do its sweeping chores based on a choice from 4 different modes through its remote control. The spot mode is best used for removing heavy fur or hair from floors. If there’s no particular mode to use to remove the dirt from your home, just touch the ‘clean’ button and the V3 automatically does its job.

Set a Schedule

All you need to do is pre-program its schedule for removing dirt and dust for the week and the ILife V3 will have your home neat and tidy by the time you return home from work! It not only helps keep carpets and rugs neat and tidy but is also effective at removing dirt and debris from hardwood floors. Its battery can work for about 100 minutes once charged.

Built-In Smart Sensors

There’s no fear of the robotic vacuum bumping into obstacles or falling off stairs with its suite of 14 built-in smart sensors. Its Tpu bumper helps it avoid barriers while its cliff sensors prevent it from falling off cliffs. Its 15mm obstacle-climb degrees and 10mm barrier height help the unit traverse over small bumps to maintain continuity while at work.

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Pros of iLife V3s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

  • Does not produce much noise when in use
  • A suite of 14 built-in smart sensors prevents it’s bumping into things and falling off stairs
  • 4 cleaning modes and an automatic ‘clean’ button to choose from
  • A schedule can be programmed for it to follow while you are at work
  • Contains a remote control, an extra HEPA filter and side brush, a cleaning brush, a charging dock, an AC adapter, and a mop cloth
  • No need of charging it as it charges itself automatically when required
  • Once charged its fade-free battery can continuously run for 100 minutes without any problems
  • Conveniently removes dirt under furniture without any lifting because of its low-profile
  • Helps prevent allergies and effectively removes pet hair and tumbleweeds

Cons of iLife V3s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

  • Some complain the robot vac does not find its way back to the charging station on its own
  • Some complain that it does not clean as per a setup schedule
  • Tends to clean the same spot whenever it bumps into a wall and redirects itself
  • Tends to get trapped in corners and stuck under things
  • Dry mopping function works only on flat and hard floors
  • All excess clutter has to be cleared before use which can be time-consuming.

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