Best Ways to Clean Carpets (Using Household Products)

Looking for the best solutions to clean carpets yourself at home? If yes, we are here with the best homemade solutions for carpet cleaning everyone can apply easily.

Spills happen daily, whether you like it or not. Be it a slip of your coffee mug or the muddy paw prints of your mutt; your carpets attract lots of dirt and stain frequently. For cleaning the mess, opting for professional carpet cleaning products and services can be a costly affair.

Thankfully, you can make homemade carpet cleaning solutions to tackle any mess with just a few ingredients you have at home. You don’t have to run to your local store to get commercial solvents and sprays to prepare this.

For applying the solution, you can use regular household cleaning items or a shampooing machine. In case one solution does not work in removing the tough stains; you can always opt for another option. Keep experimenting till you get rid of the stains completely.

Homemade Solutions to Clean Carpets

Here are some of the recipes that will help you to clean carpets at home. Based on the type of stains and carpet texture, choose the solution that works well. 

  1. Carpet cleaner and conditioner

This one seems more like a commercial cleaning solution as it gives your carpet a soft and fresh feel. To prepare this, combine the following.

  • OxiClean – 1 scoop. 
  • Fabric softener – 1 tsp (5ml). 
  • Liquid all-purpose cleaner – 59 ml. 
  • Liquid laundry detergent – 30 ml. 
  • Hot water – 1 gallon. 
  1. Using window cleaner

You can use window cleaning solutions for more than just your windows. Combine it with water to prepare a cleansing agent that’s cheap and effective for your carpets. To make this:

  • Mix an equal portion of hot water with window cleansing solutions like Windex. 
  1. Aromatic non-toxic cleaning agent

For families that have small kids and pets around, it’s essential to use non-toxic cleaning agents for your carpets. To prepare this non-toxic solution that smells great, mix the following. 

  • Water – 470 ml (2 cups). 
  • Salt – 2 tsp. 
  • Distilled vinegar or white vinegar – 235 ml. 
  • Essential oils like pine, lavender, or lemon – 15 drops. 
  1. Ammonia-based solution

These are much more powerful than your typical cleaning solutions. Hence you need to be extremely careful while using them as ammonia acts as a corrosive agent. It can cause damage to your eyes, skin, lungs, and even certain materials. Use gloves and carefully prepare this solution in a bucket.

  • Vinegar – 59 ml (1/4 cup). 
  • Ammonia – 59 ml (1/4 cup). 
  • Liquid dish detergent – 15 ml (1tbsp)
  • Water – 3 gallons. 
  1. Powdered cleaning agent

This cleaner works well for greasy stains and spills. To prepare this powdered cleaner, combine the following in a bowl. 

  • Bay leaves, crushed – 5 nos (for aroma). 
  • Corn starch – 110 gm (1 cup). 
  • Baking powder – 220 gm (1 cup). 
  • Dried potpourri, crushed – a pinch (optional). 
  1. Peroxide cleaner

Hydrogen peroxide is mainly used as a strong and powerful cleansing agent. As for lemon, it is an excellent grease cutter, which also gives a pleasant aroma. Combine these two incredible ingredients to prepare this solution.

  • Hydrogen peroxide – 176 ml (3/4 cup). 
  • Lemon essential oil – 5 drops. 
  • Water – 352 ml. 
  1. Powerful cleaning powder

To get a potent carpet cleaner, mix borax with baking soda. For a pleasant aroma, you can include your favorite flowers or herbs. To prepare this, combine the following.

  • Baking soda – 220 gm. 
  • Borax – 409 gm. 
  • Dried flowers or herbs – 5 gm (1 tbsp). 
  • Essential oil – 20 drops. 

Clean Carpets Using Your Hands

Put the cleaning agent into a shaker or a spray bottle

For cleaning a particular area on your carpet using your hands, apply an even layer of the solution onto the carpet. This is possible by transferring the liquid cleaning solution to a spray bottle and spraying it thinly over the affected spots.

As for dry powders, place them in a shaker and sprinkle them over the affected area to give an even and excellent coverage. Make sure to stir the mixture before transferring it so that all the ingredients are perfectly combined.

Conduct Spot Testing

To clean carpets, it’s essential to test the cleaning agents in a smaller area before you plan on applying them on a broader scale. This spot testing will assure you that the cleaning agent will not damage the color or texture of the carpet. For spot testing, follow the below steps:

– Select areas that are not easily noticeable such as places under furniture or a corner. 

– Sprinkle or spray the cleaning agent on the small section.

– Wait patiently for about 24 hours

– Once the time is up, check the treated patch for any damages, discoloration, or colorfastness. 

– Only if no damages are present, proceed to clean thoroughly. 

Sprinkle or spray the solution into affected areas

Apply it to the affected area that you wish to clean. For cleaning the entire carpet, divide it into various sections, and clean one portion at a time for best results. While cleaning in parts, always start from the area far from the door and work your way to the door to avoid getting trapped inside. 

Allow the cleaning agent to soak thoroughly

After applying the cleaning solution onto the carpet, allow it to remain for around 10 minutes. This will give the solution sufficient time to soak in and work on the dirt. As for the powdered cleaners, allow it to take some time to absorb the hard stains and the foul odor from the carpet. If you do not have much time, you do not have to soak it for so long. However, you will get the best results if it sits for long.

Use Scrubbing to clean carpets

With the help of a stiff bristle brush or a carpet brush, scrub the carpet once the cleansing solution is completely absorbed. This will push the cleaning agent deep into the carpet’s fibers, thereby loosening up the debris, dirt, and foreign particles that are fully embedded in the carpet. After brushing the entire area, wait for another half an hour so that the liquid cleaners will dry out completely. 


Once you have given sufficient time for the liquid cleaner to completely dry and for the powdered agents to absorb the stain and smell entirely, start vacuuming the carpet. Vacuum the entire area 3 to 4 times to make sure that you have sucked up all the debris and extra powders. 

Wrapping Up

Once the entire process is over, you will have a clean and fresh-looking carpet by only using homemade carpet cleaning solutions. This option is not only budget-friendly but also safe to use if you have small kids at home

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