Review of BObsweep PetHair Cleaner and Mop

Robot vacuums in general are great at picking up tiny dirt and dust particles. However, only a handful can do a truly excellent job in scooping up animal fur and hair. This number drops even further when you consider robot vacuums that can U.V sterilize hair-covered floors as they clean.

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If we factor in the mopping ability and the ability to purify the air; the number drops to just one product – the BObsweep PetHair cleaner.

This smart vacuum is the master of pet hair removal. It comes with an extra large brush and a side brush that work together to clean hard-to-reach areas in your home. It also doubles up as a sweeper and a mop for those pesky paw prints.

In addition, the BObsweep PetHair has a very healthy relationship with animals. Unlike the monster vacuums, the BObsweep will charm your pets and have them chasing it around the house as it cleans.

Most pets love to stalk BOb and some adventurous kittens have even taken a ride on it as the unit goes about its business. The BObsweep is super durable and can easily handle the weight.

With Bob’s highly efficient motor, you will hardly know he is cleaning until you notice your furry pet racing around the house.

About BObsweep PetHair Cleaner

Product Specifications

  • Product dimensions — 13.8 by 13.9 by 3.9 inches
  • Item weight —  7 pounds
  • Shipping weight —  8 pounds
  • Manufacturer —  Bobsweep
  • Origin —  Canada
  • Item model number —  726670294609
  • Batteries —  1 Lithium ion battery required (included)

Important Features

  • Sweeps, vacuums and mops
  • 1 Liter dustbin
  • HEPA filtration
  • Automatic self-charging
  • UV sterilizing and air purifying
  • Lithium X-amplified battery
  • Remote Control
  • Low track contouring

The manufacturers –Bobsweep – specialize in creating robot vacuums that can clean a house in one “sweep”.  The BObsweep PetHair is an intelligent floor cleaner that does exactly that. It can clean all floors and carpets with ease.


Sweeps, Vacuums, and Mops

This vacuum triple combo functionality provides extra convenience to homeowners. It can be set to scoop up hairs and fur, sweep dirt and even mop off paw prints caused by pets.  Its rear contains a mop attachment. The mop (sold separately) needs to be sprayed with a cleaning solution or water to work.

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1 Liter Dustbin

Bobsweep PetHair built this model with a 1000 ml dustbin, the largest bin on the market, to facilitate their one-sweep cleaning cycle.

HEPA Filtration

The Bobsweep comes with a state-of-the-art highly efficient particulate absorber (HEPA) that absorbs up to 99% of dust, dirt and mold ensuring the air around you is free from allergen-causing particles and sub-micron particles that can cause irritation or even illness.

Homeowners with no pets but suffering from asthma and allergies can still benefit from clean indoor air that is free from irritants courtesy of the BObsweep PetHair.

Automatic Self-Charging

Once the BObsweep detects its running low on charge (battery falls below 15%) it will abandon its cleaning operations and head back to the charging station where it will recharge and later continue with the cleaning. This neat feature means you will not stumble upon the unit because of its low battery.

V Sterilizing and Air Purifying

The BObsweep Pethair can pack up to 400NM Ultra Violet sterilization on any surface it cleans. This ray strength is able to eliminate bacteria and other pathogens on floors.

Harmful organisms brought by pets into the household are easily gotten rid of ensuring the floor is not only clean but fully sanitized. U.V. sterilization is a much cleaner approach compared to disinfecting floors with detergents.

Lithium X-AMPlified Battery

The BObsweep is powered by a lithium X-AMPlified battery that can perform for more than 1 hour and 15 minutes per charge. This high-capacity lithium-ion battery comes with a warranty of up to 2 years.

Remote Control

Homeowners can easily control the BObsweep Pethair Cleaner by using a remote control that coordinates with the sensors on the robovac to drive the machine to specific spots and have it clean that area using one of its three cleaning options.

Low Track Contouring

The BObsweep boasts of low track contouring abilities i.e. it has the ability to match the level of any flooring surface for continuous maximum cleaning. It comes with a spring-actuated surface Automator that makes this feature possible.

Easy to Use

In addition to its simple design, the BObsweep is also very easy to use. Instead of an LCD panel at the top of the machine which other robovacs commonly use, the BObsweep instead implements three embedded buttons at the top of the casing branded as Go, Juice, and Waffle.

Go activates the robovac, Juice directs it back to the docking case and Waffle instructs the machine to spot clean. No advanced settings are programmed.

What Customers Say

Most customers praise the BObsweep Pethair Cleaners for their excellent ability to clean not only pet hairs but also very tiny dust, dirt and debris. Its ability to maneuver its way under beds, sofas and other furniture has made it an excellent home-cleaning device.

Other features that customers love include the customer service, its low maintenance and the spotlessly clean shine it delivers.

While a vast majority of the reviews are positive, some customers cited the Bobsweep’s weak navigation sensors which are not effective in guiding the machine back to its docking base in large rooms.

Also, this robovac cannot be controlled remotely through an app. The owner must be present at home to activate it or to program it manually to clean at specific times.

Buying Advice

The BObsweep Pethair is an excellent choice for homeowners who are pet lovers. If you want to avoid getting allergies by ensuring all hairs are removed from the floors and other surfaces then the BObsweep PetHair amazing pet features will provide the thorough cleaning that you need.


This machine is very quiet and pet friendly. The price-features correlation is also one of the best. Since it is also less prone to malfunctions compared to the rest it is guaranteed to serve you for a very long time.

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